Belize Forex License

MT4-Whitelabel has unique solutions for opening bank account for offshore forex licensed companies but most of the banks worldwide don’t open Forex Merchant accounts for offshore companies. At this stage Belize forex brokerage license is good alternative to start FX brokerage.

The International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) is the regulatory body in Belize, responsible for the issuing of Belize forex licenses and regulation. Belize is a country located on the eastern coast of Central America and it’s forest areas are home to some of Mayan ruins.

They offer various Forex and money related licenses depending of your scope and interest of work:

Belize Forex License
  • Foreign Exchange Trading
  • Financial Commodity based Derivative Instruments Trading
  • Trading in Other Securities futures, options, interest rates, shares, stock etc.
  • Brokerage, Consultancy and Advisory Services
  • Payment Processing Services
  • Money Lending Services
  • Money Transmission Services
  • Money Exchange Services etc.
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Belize forex regulation allows you to operate as a forex brokerage firm, provide trading platform for your clients on your firm and provide additional full brokerage options. USD 100,000 must be funded into company account as paid up capital. This amount is quite reasonable and low compared with forex license in UK and forex license in Singapore.

MT4-Whitelabel assists you to open bank account for paid capital and take Belize forex regulation. Contact us to know more about getting Forex Trading Brokerage License from Belize.