Hong Kong Forex License

Hong Kong has a worldwide reputation of trading hub especially for financial markets. It has made the most of Forex Trading growth story. Hong Kong has licenses for wide range of securities and finance related businesses like:

  • Forex Trading with leverage
  • Forex Trading with Margin
  • Securities Trading
  • Futures contracts
  • Securities Advisor
  • Automated trading
  • Asset Management Etc.
Hong Kong Forex

All financial activities in Hong Kong are regulated by SFC (Securities of Financial Commission). Any financial company want to operate at Hong Kong forex market and forex options Hong Kong has to get Hong Kong SFC license. However understanding Hong Kong forex regulation is difficult to understand and there are a lot of restrictions.

Different from forex license in Singapore and forex license UK, Hong Kong SFC register is long time process. There needs a special consulting for being a Hong Kong forex company. Hong Kong broker license includes a lot of external and internal rules and they should be implemented properly.

Beside forex license UK and forex license in Singapore, the Hong Kong SFC is one of the oldest securities and futures regulators in the world. It is responsible of all Hong Kong SFC licenses and has the power to make decisions regarding activity of the Hong Kong forex company.