The marketing experts of the FX Companies are one of the best marketers in all industries. Every broker starts to Forex with trading "Buy&Sell" and then they want to sell their knowledge, start Forex Brokerage to earn money from this business.

They find customers and convince them for investment and trading. So everyone accepts that they are good at "trading" and "selling" but they forget one thing in this process. You have to buy something before you sell it and no matter how good marketer you are, if you do not have a good product, your effort will be worthless. Marketing is a whole process and to become a good seller is not enough for competition. For creating a strong business; you need a good product to sell, good place for your product and a good price for competition. These are called for Marketing Mix or 4p of the Marketing; Product, Price, Place, Promotion.


Your product is your Platform which you give your customers and there are many problems about the Forex Platform. Please give answers the questions below and let's see your platform is good enough or not.

Do you know how is your platform working? Is there any slippage, is it working properly? Does it have a lag, time to time? Do your customers download and connect your platform easily? Is your quotation working correctly? Does your platform have protection for abusing?

These questions are enough for now. If you don't have answers for these question first check it and learn how your platform working, talk with your customers. So you can understand how is your product. If it is not good, you have to find a new one and have to ask more questions on it. Simply check our platform the links below and don't hesitate to ask any question to us.

Let's start with answering these questions:
  • Where is your Market?
  • What is your place in the Forex Business?
  • Where is the place you sell your product?
  • Where is the place you want to be in the future?

If you are doing a local FX business, you need only an office and some sellers to sell your product. But, If you want to grow your business and find customers from far away, you have to become online. Forex customers can easily open an account from the website, deposit from traders room, download the Forex platform and start trading. You can earn money from the customer you never met.

Website and the web-based solutions like Traders Room have a lot of advantage but also the risk. You may be cheated with hackers and even traders who find the mistakes of your website. When you find the mistake it could be too late to solve it. So you have to find high-security solutions, especially on payment gateway. For better understanding ask the developer of your Traders Room:

  • Does your Traders Room have IPN? or
  • What is your security protocol on payment gateways?

If they are not giving a proper answer or even asking "What is that?" run away from there. Delete and close all your accounts on Traders Room and check all the money transfer from your accounts. Please check our Traders Room and ask for a demo


Forex Brokerage Promotion
If you have completed the three marketing channels, let's talk about Promotion. Actually, it is hard to talk about it because it is an important point for differentiating from other Brokers. If you follow our blog page we will give information about Marketing Promotions and Campaigns of the Forex Brokerage. But before the regular campaigns, you need to understand the channels of the Promotion.
  • Website: An interactive website to reach your customers and take feedbacks.
  • Make a new campaign and publish it on the website, and all marketing channels on marketing. Focus to reach more leads, even the cold ones.
  • Social Media Accounts: As sharing new posts on social media you can reach more customers and they can understand that you are a professional in the FX Business.
  • Google SEO and SEM: You know Google is the most important channel for every business. It increases Reliability and Recognition. You can use Google Ads for better visibility and make Remarketing for catching your website visitors.
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