New Zealand Forex License

New Zealand forex broker license is one of popular Forex Licenses in the industry with its low fees to no capital requirement. New Zealand broker list is highly crowded due to New Zealand FSP (Financial Services Providers) easy rules and low restrictions.

  • New Zealand FSP requires some monthly fees for administration of company and some renewal fees.
  • Different from Hong Kong forex license and other jurisdictions, New Zealand FSP registration costs around USD 30,000.
  • Also, monthly fees of New Zealand forex license are around USD 10,000 while forex license UK is USD 40,000.
  • New Zealand broker registering timeline is three months while forex license in Singapore takes a year.
New Zealand forex

Though there is a catch that a company that intends to acquire Forex Licenses from New Zealand must have an operational office in New Zealand and its primary operations must run from there only. That means if you intend to get Forex License from New Zealand, you need to have physical office, some staff and auditing arrangements etc. This probably is one of the reason against the popularity of Forex Brokers from New Zealand. This adds to their trustworthiness.

Last year New Zealand forex brokers faced with radical overhaul regarding New Zealand OTC derivatives regulation. After OTC derivatives regulation there are a lot of New Zealand FSP for sale. MT4-Whitelabel recommends you to set a new company coz of toughness to follow past transactions at this jurisdiction.