The useful plugins for the brokers supported manager and servers for increase the profitability and useful for audit for internal reports needed and handling platform by your own choice.

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Forex Trade Freeze

Trade Freeze

MT4 server pulgin which can freeze/Stop the trade for individual/Group/Complete MT4 server.

Forex Quote Freeze

Quote Freeze

Quotes Freeze plugin is designed to disable trading on a particular symbol on the market given the price has not been updated during a certain period of time. This plugins is a good insurance against technical failures on data feeds.

Forex Trade Exporter

Trade Exporter

MT4 Server Plugin allow to make history of trades or shift client history or open trades from csv to MT4 server

Forex Report Mailer

Report Mailer

MT4 Alerts enables your clients to see reports with sms and e-mail in real time. Your...

Forex Auto Leverage

Auto Leverage

This server side plug-in Changes the Leverage in an Automatic way according to the Equity of the client. It checks the Leverage at Closing Orders and Deposit/Withdrawal Operations.

Forex LP & MT4 Trade Reporter

LP & MT4 Trade Reporter

This server side plugin can allow to provide you report for the trade LP side and on your server side open or closed according to group and account wise easy to audit trade by this.

Forex Trade Copier

Trade Copier

Fx clients sometimes wants to follow succesful traders and Fx Brokers want offset their risk in.

Forex Risk Alert

Risk Alert

This plugin allow you to get the alert on desktop or in mail if getting LP side fund or margin go below as decided condition useful for STP brokers to protect margin calls.

Forex IB/Agent Plugin Plugin

IB/Agent Plugin Plugin

Forex brokerage formation is usually costly for entrepreneurs. Hiring IBs is the best way to expand.

Forex FIX Connector (Quote)

FIX Connector (Quote)

This Server side plugin use for decoding fix and encoding for MT4 for deployed the feed getting from your LP FIX connection.

Forex Bonus Plugin

Bonus Plugin

Bonuses are well Known gift those given by brokers to attract new clients. Bonus is simply.

Forex Virtual Dealer

Virtual Dealer

Fx manager has a function of the dealer but it not easy to set a treasury.

Forex Anti Scalper Plugin

Anti Scalper Plugin

This Server Side Plug-in is the best solution to prevent scalper traders to request quotations in a very short time. This kind of action is considered as flood action for DDOS attack for the server. Scalper Traders can be detected automatically if they want to close some position in a very short time, this kind of request for clients who may take the benefit of Data feeds delay problems.

Forex Trade Duplicator

Trade Duplicator

Trade Duplicator enable your clients to increase their profits according to equity, balance, margin or one.

Forex Quote Auditor

Quote Auditor

Prices are moving fast intraday and price delays or mistakes make outs big loses for brokers...

Forex Stopout Plugin

Stopout Plugin

Forex stop-out level differs from broker to broker. Brokers generally group clients into few groups and...

Forex Market Depth Through one Click

Market Depth Through one Click

Day traders using forex one click trading and forex market depth strategy prefer forex brokers with...