Mt4-White Label is the best option to start a forex brokerage. But prospective white labels are usually confused about some issues. There are a lot questions raising about Platforms, regulation, bridge, company set up, B book allowance, back office and monthly fees. MT4-Whitelabel is specialized White Label Solutions and you will have simple easy solution for your white label forex brokerage.


If you are planning to get white label from a registered broker, they will ask you have fx license or not. Now try to ask one of FCA broker for getting white label mt4 and you will figure out that you need a forex license. Key point in here is you have to be regulated for A book business but you don’t have to be regulated for B book forex business even you get mt4 white label from an Regulated Broker You may overcome regulation issue by getting mt4 white label from fx technology firms but this time you will devoid of brokers back office and risk management tools.


When you coming in Forex Brokerage Business you have to choose the platform which suits your need and admirable for your business our Expert team shall help you out to take a decision and right solution for you as we can provide variety of Platforms MT4 , MT5 , C TRADER , X TRADER , ACT TRADER and more …


Hence you cannot get bridge from your regulated broker or from third parties if you are not a regulated forex broker. As we mentioned above you can only do B book business and cannot do STP to your broker. You may get fix api bridge from third parties but this may cost a lot addition to your trading commissions per million. Even with the bridge provided to you have capability to push the risk or can take the liquidity to a broker also


Absolutely you can set a company anywhere to get mt4 white label. But setting an easy International Business Company will hinder you to make many fore business activities and adding payment gateways. Mt4 - White Label provide you a proper setup of company with match your business and thoughts.

B book and A book DILEMMA

Most profitable business model in forex is A&B Hybrid Solution. Hybrid solution is sending winning clients to market and keeping losers on your side. You are being forced to make full A book if you get mt4 from a broker. If you get mt4 white label from a technology provider and run B book; you are forced to pay high monthly fees for back office, CRM , bridge, maintenance etc.


It’s the major part to risk management for a broker where they can forward the clients Risk and is they suit to their needs in this competitive era. Our Expert team shall provide one on one session regarding that which helps you to take decision regarding risk forwarding

MT4-Whitelabel recommends you our unique White Label Solution which you will benefit Different Selection of liquidity, bridge, back office under your branded A&B Hybrid environment with minimum fees. Contact with us to enjoy our unique white label solution and don’t hesitate to fill the form to get more information.