Company Formation

Company Formation and Bank account

We at MT4 & MT5-Whitelabel register and incorporate numerous international business entities every year in both offshore and onshore jurisdictions. We also provide corporate services such as opening and administration of bank accounts, nominee and registered agent services etc.


When considering the formation of an offshore company there are many factors determining the most suitable company type and jurisdiction, outlined here is a basic summary of what an offshore company is to help you with this decision.

There is no precise legal definition, but an offshore company is, in reality, a company formed in a jurisdiction outside the home country of the owner. The term is generally taken to mean a company incorporated in a territory which may be beneficial for taxation and which could impose a zero or low rate of tax, or perhaps indeed exemption from tax.

Historically there may have been qualifying conditions attached to such favorable treatment, such as ownership by non-residents, but the international community is moving rapidly in the direction of the same tax treatment for all companies, by whomsoever they are owned.

MT4 & MT5-Whitelabel has expertise in setting up companies and corporate structures specifically tailored to the needs of our clients. We have a talented and experienced team of consultants and administrators who are skilled in the formation and running of various types of companies including, but not confined to, Limited Companies, Limited Liability Companies, Limited Partnerships, Limited Liability Partnerships, Companies Limited by Guarantee and Hybrid etc.

Offshore Banking


Many traditional offshore banking jurisdictions have developed into highly reputable and regulated international banking centers with unrivalled technical expertise. The level of regulation and investor protection is often equivalent or indeed greater than many onshore centers.

Most leading banking groups have firmly established operations offshore, providing services specifically geared towards the international and offshore community. A host of reputable private banks, who boast a long history of providing attentive personal service, continue to operate in the offshore banking centers with discreet and often very complex banking products.

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Once the decision has been reached about the most appropriate jurisdiction for your offshore company and the preferred banking group to use then there is usually a substantial amount of information required for bank applications and compliance. MT4 & MT5-Whitelabel is well acquainted with the various banks requirements and can guide you through with as little disruption as possible ensuring that the account is opened as quickly as possible although it should be noted that complex arrangements can take a little longer.

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Banking Administration


Offshore banking is now a modern business and technology such as e-banking has assisted in the speed and accuracy of services provided.

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